Community Council Meeting in Auchterarder Tonight


Tonight sees the return of Auchterarder and District Community Council meetings after a break in July.  The meeting will take place upstairs in the Aytoun Hall at 7pm and all are welcome.

Below please find the report on the June meeting from our printed edition to help inform anyone wishing to attend this evening.

The June meeting of the Auchterarder and District Community Council was held in Aberuthven Village Hall on Thursday 28th June.

A presentation was made by members of Traffic Scotland and PKC regarding the Solheim Cup event next year.

The Community Council is producing its own website and Facebook page. This is in the process of being created and should be available in the near future.

Common Good Land—After previous mention of the lack of definitive information regarding Common Good Land, the Community Council are to write to PKC asking for a list of assets to be confirmed.

The possibility of a Puffin crossing at the North Crofts area has been raised. PKC have advised that this would be in the 2nd tier and therefore only happen if there was money left over from confirmed projects. Mention was also made of another crossing in the area of Davidson’s Chemists. If this went ahead the existing crossing at the Aytoun Hall would be removed.

The mini roundabouts at Townhead and Orchil road are to be removed. These works should be done at the same time as the Vehicle Activated Signs are being installed.

Core Paths—The Community Facilities Fund did not support the full amount of the application for further improvements to local core paths. Fundraising is now being undertaken to allow this project to continue.

ACP and Business Group. There have been meetings with the ex Auchterarder Community Partnership committee. The next step is to write to businesses to ask if they want to initiate a formal business group. This would be separate from the existing Auchterarder Business Network.

Community Choices Fund—After much discussion it was decided that it would be remiss of the Community Council not to apply for funding for the local area.

Aberuthven—The point was made that there are no recycling facilities in Aberuthven and that possibly facilities such as those recently installed in Muirton would be a positive step.

Town Bus—The constitution of the Town Bus group is now being finalised. As PKC will not fund a town bus in the Auchterarder area, the group has to find funding to make this a reality. The group are looking at becoming a charity to enable them to access funding that would not be available to PKC. It is envisaged that the Town Bus group will hire a company to run the service.

Foodbanks—It has been mentioned on more than one occasion that those in the local area in need of assistance from a foodbank have to travel to Perth or have the parcels delivered via van. The question has been asked that local businesses or organisations help with the distribution from the foodbank. This was seen as a positive step and the community council are happy to support any efforts in this regard.

The skip area at Auchterarder and the lack of repairs to the concrete area in front of the skip was brought to the attention of the Community Council. This area has been taped off for many months now with no sign of repairs in the near future. Having spoken to the staff at the recycling centre. It appears that a survey is to be carried out imminently and works possibly to start in the next few weeks.

The next meeting will be on Thursday 30th August in the Aytoun Hall, Auchterarder. Starting at 7pm.


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