Community and Friendship Blooming At Local Church


How many of us are of that lost generation who stopped having anything to do with church when we were teens?  I remember being harangued from the stage in the school assembly hall being told how dreadful we all were for doing things like dancing and playing music.

Sadly, for the church, people like me became a lost generation with a hugely reduced attendance in the forthcoming years.  In recent years the church in its various guises has been taking steps to try and redress the balance.  On Sunday just past, I went to the St Andrews UF Church in Auchterarder to see how things have changed and enjoy some tea and toast which is now offered before and after the service.

I arrived about 9.30 and could smell the toast as I walked in the door.  A lovely warm welcome on what was a rather cold Sunday morning in October.

As I took off my jacket I was offered tea and toast with the option of butter, jam, curd and honey.  Of course, I opted for the banoffee curd, it had to be done after all.

As I poured myself some tea, more people arrived with ages ranging from about 4 years old upwards.  The minister arrived, Rev. Jerome O’Brien is a happy smiling young man who seems to enjoy his life and his faith.  We introduced ourselves and chatted for a short while before he left to prepare for the service.

I chatted with others who had arrived and then at about 10am we went through for the service.

It started with congratulations and happy birthdays and news that the congregation wanted to share.  A great way to start a day really.  There was praise and prayer and the sermon of the good Samaritan was given a modern day twist with participation from the congregation.

After the service there was more tea and toast and a chance for more catching up with everyone.

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my Sunday morning.  It was a great way to catch up with people and have some time for quiet contemplation.  One of the few times I have left a church service feeling happier than when I went in.

If you are at a loose end on a Sunday morning, or even if you are just looking for some time to yourself, I would recommend trying out the new church service at the St Andrews UF Church in Auchterarder.  A great sense of community and friendship along with a positive start to the week.


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