Clear Up After Your Dogs!


There I was, walking towards the front door of the Co-op from the store car park.  As I neared the door a mature gentleman with a little dog with white curly hair was walking from the door of the Co-op towards Café Kisa.

The poor poodle was obviously desperate to go poo and hunkered down in the middle of the pavement.  The man stopped, then walked on.

Myself and another couple looked on in amazement as he walked to meet his female companion who had just come out of Café Kisa with an ice cream.

Strangely enough, a friend of mine was also standing outside Café Kisa at this time so I went to speak to her.  As I was passing the couple with the poodle, I overheard him saying “I was going to buy bags”.  There was no indication of either of them going to buy bags or do anything else except carry on with their day.

Obviously, it was too much effort for him to buy bags and he thought it was a much better idea just to leave his dog poo on the pavement.

At the time I visited the town, the street was busy with many people out and about including families with small children.  For someone to leave dog poo in the middle of the street and walk away is just beyond belief.

Sadly no one felt able to say anything to the dog owner.  Let’s face it, who wants to argue with an elderly couple in the middle of a Sunday afternoon.  It doesn’t look good for anybody.

If you are the couple that own the white small curly haired dog that pooed in the street in Auchterarder today, I hope you are ashamed of yourself.


  1. Free bags available from the council at many local points. no excuse. next time take a picture and send it to the dog warden….


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