Clear road ahead to resolve Blackford HGV problems?


Over the last year, Blackford Community Council and Highland Spring have been pushing for changes to the slip road at the east end of the village, to make it two way. At its most recent meeting, Blackford Community Council heard that Highland Spring has written to PKC with an offer in relation to the cost of proposed work.

Janet Law, Chair of Blackford Community Council said,

“If plans for a new route into Blackford go ahead, this would be of great benefit to the many residents of Moray Street who have been disturbed by noise from lorries. The Community Council has asked that Perth and Kinross Council  consult with the community once plans are available.

“Perth and Kinross Council have the responsibility for this road. I would urge local residents to contact Perth and Kinross Councillors as they have the repsonsibility for deciding if the work on the road can go ahead.

“In the meantime, Perth and Kinross Council have told us that some maintenance work is happening soon on the section of the path at the salt depot. This is much needed, and the Community Council is pleased that this is being undertaken now.”


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