Christmas Travel Checklist


If you are travelling for Christmas there are a few things that should be on your checklist and checked off before you leave.  Here are a few suggestions –

Start with the car, try to make sure you put these items in the car before you put any people in it.

Presents – Make sure you have presents for everyone and you haven’t left any behind.  The last thing you want is to be in someone else’s home and find out you left the present for their child at your house.

Anything else that you have been asked to bring by family or friends, put it in the car now rather than try and remember at the last minute.

Goodie bag – From tonight there are going to be thousands of people travelling to family throughout the country.  There will be traffic jams and possibly bad weather.  You really want to have a bag containing snacks and drinks in case you get stuck on the road for hours at a time.  If you will have small children with you then you probably want to add something to help keep them entertained.

Bottle of water for the car in case it overheats

Waterproof jacket, hat, scarf and gloves to hand in case something happens and someone has to get out of the car at the side of the road.  If it is pouring with rain or minus temperatures you don’t want to be raking in the boot for 10 minutes trying to find them.


Now that the car is ready, what about you?

Wear layers for ease of changing temperatures as you travel.

Is there anything you need to get from the shops?  Better to get it at the beginning of your journey then you can settle down to travelling.

If you are going to be using a satnav, make sure you have the destination already in your phone or the sat nav in case you don’t get a good signal when you need it.

Do you need special glasses for driving at night?  Make sure they are readily available.

Don’t keep anything you may need in your pockets, have it within easy reach in the centre console.

Music – If you will be listening to music, make sure you have it downloaded or have CDs available that everyone will enjoy.

Petrol Stations – Do you know when you will need petrol and what petrol stations are available?  With possible traffic jams and delays, best not to have less than half a tank if you can help it.


That about covers the LTT travel checklist.  Have a safe and pleasant journey to your Christmas celebrations.


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