Children From Auchterarder Area Lose Out Again


Children in the Auchterarder area are yet again losing out as one of the very few Summer activities is withdrawn.

Last year Live Active Leisure provided Summer Camps at The Community School of Auchterarder for children in the local area.  These camps provided organised activities for children from P1-P7 with half day and full day bookings available.  The take up rate was so successful that Live Active Leisure noted the camps in Auchterarder were financially viable in their own right. 

Sadly, these camps will no longer be provided this year, with the nearest comparable activities being in Crieff or Perth.  A statement from Live Active Leisure when asked about the Summer Camps said –

Many public services are facing reductions in funding and increased operational running costs.  Live Active Leisure are no different and difficult decisions had to be considered as part of the annual budget setting process with Perth and Kinross Council.

One of the changes agreed as part of this process was that Live Active Leisure will withdraw from the management of community use of the sports facilities at the Community School of Auchterarder from Friday 28th June 2019.

This decision was taken on the basis that the majority of the existing community access could be retained but delivered with a different operating model.  From August 2019 community access to the sports facilities will be managed by Perth and Kinross Council in a similar way that it is in other High Schools within the authority.  Gary Watson Director of Operational Services stated, “Whilst any reduction in service is disappointing, this is not a decision that was taken lightly and we are pleased that alternative arrangements were able to preserve community access and limit the overall impact of this change.”

In an effort to ensure there was no doubt regarding the camps, the specific question was asked about Summer Camps in Auchterarder this year.  The reply received stated –

Live Active will not be managing Auchterarder as of 28th June therefore we will not be offering Summer camps.

This leaves parents who had envisaged using the camps to allow them to continue to work throughout some of the Summer holidays in a very difficult situation. 

Unfortunately, at time of writing we are unable to access any record of the meeting of the Scrutiny Committee where this decision was announced.  As Live Active Leisure is a private limited company, there is no requirement for any information to be provided regarding decisions made.


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