Children Destroy The Work Of Their Peers


Having just written about the sterling efforts of our local Primary 6 pupils in their efforts on the Provost Walk, I am horrified to see what has happened overnight.

Somebody’s children came in last night with their shoes caked in dirt.  Did you think to ask what they had been doing?  Did you think to wonder, or have you just let your kids run feral?

The plaque placed to commemorate the work done by the Primary 6 pupils yesterday beside the tree they planted has been damaged.  It didn’t even mange 24hrs before some pathetic little wannabe gangsters decided to break it.

This plaque was set in concrete.  It took some considerable effort to dig it out and break the wooden base. 

Was it your child?  Do you know whose child it was?

Who on earth brings up their children in a way that they see it as acceptable to completely destroy other people’s property?  To trample all over the works that have been carried out by others? 

This was definitely children, that can be seen by the size of the footprints in the dirt.  Children destroying the efforts of other children. 

Teach your children respect, teach your children to keep their hands and feet to themselves and not to be disgusting little vandals.

I know that this may rankle with some parents but there are parents out there who have a child who was part of this destruction last night.  It’s not like a gang came through from Perth to destroy the hard work of the children.  This is local children destroying the local area. 

Step up and deal with your children, discipline them, instil in them that this is not acceptable behaviour.  If you don’t do it soon, then the next time they are involved in such wanton destruction, you may not like the consequences. 


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