Celebrating Our Local Heroes


Throughout this Coronavirus pandemic, we as a nation have begun to appreciate a variety of trades and professions who are invaluable in this time of crisis. 

Obviously our healthcare staff who are front and centre of this crisis.  Hopefully their dedication will be recognised in a suitable and long lasting way when this is over.

There are however a variety of unsung heroes who deserve our recognition at this time.  As we are based in a rural area, we have many local heroes to appreciate.

Farmers and farmworkers are still working as they would normally.  Producing food for the population.  Just now it is a very busy time with lambing, planting and the beginning of harvesting of certain crops. 

This food has to be transported from the farms to factories to be packaged and then taken to supermarkets and shops.  This transportation is carried out by truckers.  Lorry drivers on the road taking everything from farm produce to healthcare supplies all around the country every day.  These lorry drivers are also supported by those working in service stations, mechanics and those who load and unload the cargo.

Factory workers in processing plants ensuring that our food is packaged and that ready meals are cooked so they can go on the shelves of our supermarkets. 

Retail staff are also frontline workers.  Keeping our local shops stocked so that we can keep our families fed and healthy.  Whether it is our local butcher, greengrocer, supermarket, delivery driver, pharmacy or petrol station.

Volunteers are of course the hidden backbone of this lockdown.  Whether it is delivering vital supplies to those in isolation or making PPE for healthcare staff there are many throughout the country doing what they can to help in these unprecedented times.

As we wait for official word that the lockdown is to continue, let’s celebrate our local heroes and acknowledge their contribution.  


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