Cash Hogging By National Companies Puts Some Key Workers Wages In Doubt


As we head towards the end of the month and for many workers what should be payday, cracks are already beginning to show in the government plans.

There is already anecdotal evidence that some smaller companies and franchises who receive the majority of their payments from a bigger company are having payments withheld.  The larger companies holding on to monies until they receive Government payouts.

This means that the smaller companies, franchisees, subcontractors etc are not receiving any payments at all whilst the larger companies hold on to the cash.

If the smaller companies are not receiving payments, then their workers are not receiving payments.

This problem could cover so many of our key workers currently fighting to try and support those most in need.  Petrol stations, corner shops, haulage companies, care homes, many of these are franchises or sub contracted.  Many of the staff are on minimum wage and cannot afford to have their wages withheld whilst some large national company awaits Government payments. 

The first thing that people think of is the rent/mortgage which thankfully does have some protection in place.  However, how many of us have other payments coming out the same day?  Car insurance, home insurance, broadband, utilities etc?

Thankfully those who have had to stop working now have some protections in place.  The Government now needs to urgently ensure those key workers who are keeping our country operational are not left penniless whilst still expected to work.


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