Carers Need More To Let Them Be Mary Poppins


Sometimes you need to pay to get what you want.  I am happy with cheap food, cheap clothes and many other things where a low price is the greatest consideration.  I have also taught my daughter that price should be one of the first considerations when looking to buy something.

There is one item however where I hope she will ignore that advice and pay much more than the least possible.  That item is my care when I am older.

To that end, I give her my wish list, similar to that given to Mr Banks by his children when looking for a nanny in the Mary Poppins movie.  (To be read to the music of the nanny song from that movie.)


A carer to help out my adorable daughter


If you want this choice position,

have a cheery disposition


need to be strong to help me move

Old age, has stole my groove


You must be kind you must be patient

I try so hard but I’m feeling ancient


Take me on outings, give me treats

Sing songs, bring sweets


Never be cross or cruel,

Even when I’m being stubborn as a mule


See me as the woman not the patient

And stay alert, don’t be complacent


Please don’t scold or dominate me

I will never give you cause to hate me


I am not as able as I used to be, but that doesn’t stop me trying to still be me

Hurry please, we need a plan


Every ageing gran


So many carers are giving so much to our elderly and they don’t get the respect they deserve.  Mainly because the industry has cut everything to the bone and the job is low paid and often thankless.

Unless we start looking at carers with the respect they deserve there will be nothing left for us as we get older.  No one will want to be a carer and the facilities which are already stretched to almost breaking point will no longer be there.

When I get older and need help, I want a Mary Poppins, not someone who is exhausted running between so many homes with 15 minutes in each.  That does not allow for care, that only allows for sustenance.

We have so many fantastic carers who are not being looked after properly, yet we ask them to look after our most vulnerable properly.  It’s time there was a greater budget for elderly care so that they each may have a Mary Poppins who knows them and can take the time to care for them.


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