Why Can’t The Government Manage A Budget?


“Our NHS” is the slogan adopted by many thousands of people today as a protest march visited the Houses of Parliament in an effort to obtain more funds for the NHS.

It seems ridiculous that something that was envied the world over is now treated like a poor relation. With reports coming in of drug companies charging the NHS more for simple drugs like paracetamol or ibuprofen than they charge supermarkets, it is time to ask, what is going on with our NHS?

With the recent years of austerity many housewives have had to learn how to make less go further, why is the NHS not the same? Is it because it is now split into separate regional entities which no longer have the purchasing power required to obtain meaningful discounts?

When you run a household you have priorities for your income, for most those priorities are home, electric/gas, other bills then with whatever is left you look at what is most important and work out what you have left.  If money is tight then anything non essential has to be removed from the shopping list. It’s quite a simple way of doing things.

Why then is the Chancellor of the country not doing the same as most other citizens and prioritising?

A recent programme about the House of Lords shows just how much of taxpayers money is being spent on something that many feel is superfluous to requirements and is an affront to decent hardworking people.

When you then add this to the foreign aid budget, the lack of tax paid by multinational companies you end up with a lot of money that the Government could be putting towards the NHS if they prioritised things differently.

It’s not difficult, run the country as you would run a household.  Pay what needs to be paid to keep the household working smoothly, after that then you can look at non essentials.   Maybe instead of treating the electorate like children who don’t know what is best for them, the Government should be asking them how they manage with increasingly reducing budgets.  If the Government expects the population to do it, surely the population can expect nothing less from the Government.


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