Cancellation Recommended For Garden Bridge in London


The review of the proposed Garden Bridge in London ordered by London Mayor Sadiq Khan has found the process for the bridge flawed and suggests that no more taxpayers money should be spent on the project.

Having already lost two of the main private donors to the project the future of the bridge is looking less and less secure as time goes on.  For the project to continue with no sure funding in place for the future would be putting the taxpayers money at an unacceptable level of risk.

With questions now being asked re the procurement process and the purpose of the bridge the review recommends that the losses so far are accepted and the project cancelled.

The idea was originally put forward by actress Joanna Lumley who has happily confirmed friendship with Boris Johnson the then Mayor of London.  The architect who won the contract for the bridge just happens to be an acquaintance of Ms Lumley and was known to have attended meetings with Mr Johnson and Ms Lumley prior to the contract being awarded.

Many were dubious about the project from the start with Londoners wondering just how this bridge was going to be of benefit.  With a proposed final cost to the taxpayer of over £46m for nothing, they must be asking themselves why this project got so far with it’s obvious flaws.

One local resident stated “We have homeless people at a record level. We have the Government making disabled people homeless, bedroom tax . Cuts across the board. So where does a garden bridge help?  Boris Johnson spent thousands going to the States before anything was officially approved, now its millions of pounds down the drain.  That just stinks from start to finish.”

Is this the end of the Garden Bridge?  Only time will tell as the review now goes to Mr Khan for his decision in this regard.


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