Calories, How Many Should You Be Eating?


How can you get back on track?

A lot of people will still be looking to get on track after Christmas and New year or even make a start towards their goals.  It is a tough time of year for dieting, but it happens to us all. My diet was horrendous over Christmas, and I gained 7lbs but I thankfully it fell off again when I got back onto my normal diet.

So how can you get on track or make a start?

The first thing I suggest doing is using this week to make a food diary of your normal diet. Try doing for a full week. Writing down absolutely everything you consume, your daily meals, random snacks here and there, fizzy drinks with sugar, teas or coffees with milk and sugars, cooking oils, sauces, anything that contains calories must be noted.

Once you have done this, add up your calorie intake for each day. You can try entering it into myfitnesspal or look up the nutritional value of your foods on the internet and add them all up. Once you have got the calories for each day, add them all up and divide it by the number of days you’ve tracked for. This will give you your average calorie intake.

From here you need to think about your goals. If you want to lose weight, take 10-20% off your average calorie intake. For example, if your average was 2500, you’d take 250-500kcal off and be left with 2250 or 2000 calories.

If you want to gain weight, up your calories between 10-20% so using 2500 as the example still you’d jump up to 2750kcal or 3000kcal per day.

Some of you may be wondering, what even is a calorie? A calorie is a unit of measurement, used to measure the amount of energy in our food. This will be displayed on your food label as ‘KCAL’. Foods are made up of different amounts of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, all of which contain a certain amount of energy.

Fats contain 9kcal per g

Carbs contain 4kcal per g

Protein also contains 4kcal per g

And alcohol contains 7kcal per g

So now that you have your daily calorie amount and know how calories work. Use myfitnesspal or any other tracking method to make sure you hit your calorie intake for the next couple of weeks and see how you get on! Remember, this will only work if you’re totally honest with yourself and track absolutely everything!

Feel free to send me a message on Facebook, Instagram or via e-mail if you’re struggling with this or have any questions, I’d be happy to help.


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