Cafe Bianco Auchterarder


It’s just before 9am on a reasonably warm morning in Auchterarder.  The town is relatively busy with parents dropping their children off at school and others getting ready to open local businesses.  Slow moving and relaxed the town feels as if it hasn’t quite fully woken.

Looking for a morning cup of tea, it seems that the cafes don’t open early here.  Luckily Cafe Bianco in the centre of town was happy to welcome me before they officially opened.

Bright and comfortable the cafe was friendly and welcoming and tea was quickly forthcoming.  Whilst checking in on my phone I had a look at the breakfast menu.  The full cooked breakfast looked good value at £6.50 but was more than I was ready for at the beginning of the day.  There was of course breakfast rolls available but what caught my eye was the pancakes.

There were pancakes with bacon and maple syrup and pancakes with fresh strawberries and maple syrup.  With a nod to the usual good intentions at the start of any year, I decided that I would try the pancakes with fresh strawberries.  As you can see from the photograph, I got a healthy plateful that set me up properly for the day.


Speaking to Andrea the owner I found out that Cafe Bianco is open for evening meals and is also now licensed.  Surprisingly I didn’t know this and am very happy that I popped in this morning for that cup of tea.  It seems there is much I have to catch up with in the local area and I am looking forward to finding out more in the coming days and weeks.

With Lang Toon Times going into print again and the Auchterarder website beginning to take shape, this promises to be a fun time finding out what has changed since I started this endeavour a few years ago.



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