Business Park Gets Approval


The application for planning permission in principle for a Business Park, class 4, 5 and 6, has been approved. The Perth and Kinross Council Planning and Development Management Committee approved the application at their meeting yesterday 11th April. This is permission in principle and will require further planning permission before works can commence.

The Classes which have been approved are Class 4 – Office space and Light Industrial, Class 5 – General Industry and Class 6 – storage and distribution.  The application has given an outline of the square footage to be allocated to each of these classes as

Class 4 Office Space 2992sqm (26%)

Class 4 Light Industrial 2264sqm (29%)

Class 5 General Industry 1068sqm (9%)

Class 6 Storage and Distribution 4263sqm (36%)

Access to the site will be via a roundabout which had permission granted previously.


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