BT Network Fault Causing Problems For Many In Strathallan Area


For quite some time now LTT has been having problems with the broadband signal, getting kicked off the internet at random times.  This can be quite a problem if you are mid purchase or order in an automated system.  Having contacted my provider, Plusnet, they have advised me that the problem is with the network – as in the BT provided equipment.

There have been a few posts on Facebook on this subject with the reasoning varying.  So what I would like to do is put this out there and ask how many are having problems with their internet and since when.

I seem to remember a big push for rural broadband improvements which seem to have arrived then left many in a worse situation than they were before.

Feel free to share this post and lets see if we can get some numbers of those affected.  Many of us run businesses online in this area and I know it makes a big difference to LTT if I don’t get posts out when people can see them.  Surely there must be either something that can be done to speed things up or at least some reduction in the bills for those suffering.

Please comment on Facebook or the comments section below and lets get an idea of the numbers involved.

I for one am not happy that I upgraded to fibre to enable me to work online most of the time and I am sitting reconnecting as often as 3 or 4 times within a minute.

Let me know how this is affecting you.


  1. Balgowan Mill, near Tibbermore. New cabinet installed on housing development of about thirty houses, served by Gask exchange. Purchased BT Infinity. Now onto second Smart Hub and getting about 1M mist evenings (had 4M on copper ADSL). Wasted numerous hours, tweets and emails with @BTCare (!) and their worthless Techteam. Have had usual insane, childish suggestions. Finally got ad,ission that exchange capacity is insufficient (which they must have known). Working to. Odiferous exchange. Will discuss compensation when they have an update. “Service” is unfit for purpose. They knew his when they sold us it, so they have breached Sale of a Goods Act (Scotland) – I understand this also covers services.
    Lies, obfuscation and a total disregard for their staff and customers.
    On another note, fiends with VirginMedia, on same exchange, roasting along at 60M. Funny that!

  2. I live in the Windsole area of Auchterarder and am supplied from Cabinet 2 just outside the local police station. I signed up for BT Infinity 2 around September 2016 after years of connection dropouts with regular BT Broadband. The advertising promised the most stable connection possible with BT’s most reliable router to date, the HomeHub 6. To say I’m really p’d off would be an understatement – every day the connection drops and in some cases can drop 10 – 12 times. The router will try to restart itself and after about 20 minutes will give up – sometimes manually restarting it will get it reconnected but at least once a week the router needs to be manually reset to factory settings before it will work again.

    The whole BT network in Auchterarder is rubbish and still BT keep taking my direct debit. It really isn’t worth phoning BT to complain because it can take hours wading through multiple menus to reach someone who can barely speak English and then they treat you like a dummy, asking you to try things you’ve already tried – if one of their suggestions does work, it usually goes wrong again after a couple of hours – but they think the issue has been resolved and that’s all that matters to them.

    Unfortunately, there is no alternative high speed network in the area, and BT know it. We’re just stuck with what we’ve got until they get their finger out and I’m sure they are in no hurry to do that.

  3. I am having similar issues myself with Infity2
    frequent 20 second disconnections during the day when I am in online meetings and conference calls.
    So far I am on my 3rd router but this is not the problem.

    Does anybody have any updates on what they are doing with this. similar problems with the BT support people who are just robots with little or no deviation from the standard FAQ’s


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