Broxden McDonalds Closed For Refurb


I had to take a trip through to Perth tonight and the thought crossed my mind that I may want a McDonalds.  Just the thought mind you, I am sure I wouldn’t have acted upon it once I was in the area.

However, any thought I had of fast food was quickly dispelled when my daughter told me the Broxden McDonalds was closed for refurbishment.

Ever wary of her helpfulness in my writing for Chooknet Slimmers, I thought I would investigate for myself whilst I was there.  My daughter was indeed correct.  There will be no sneaky McDs for me in the near future.  Well at least not until 10th May.

So, if you like me were thinking of a quick fast food fix at McDonalds Broxden, you will have to wait until the reopening on 10th May.


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