Broadslap Cafe A Hidden Gem


If you haven’t eaten at Broadslap Farm Shop and Café yet, you are missing out on some seriously good food. 

Now open 7 days a week throughout the season, Broadslap is a hidden gem in the Dunning countryside, and I do mean hidden, even although it is only a mile from the A9 at the Dunning junction.

Unlike some other eateries which sit right beside the road, Broadslap Farm Shop and Café looks like it is down a farm track.  The road improves very quickly and you have a beautiful sweeping drive bringing you out at a small plateau looking down on the café.  Once you stop the car, the loudest noise is the countryside.  The sounds from the A9 which you can see from the car park are muted by the surround fields.  Time to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.

On entering the building, there is a small farm shop area to your right and some gifts straight ahead. To the left of the door is the café.  It is simple in décor, no fussy cloths or cutlery, just a place to sit to enjoy the food.

The food itself is a whole different experience.  We had arrived in time for breakfast.   We sat ourselves down and the waiting staff brought us menus and took our drinks order, one latte and one tea.  As a regular tea drinker, I never hold out much hope for tea in a café, this time however I was pleasantly surprised.  My pot of tea held enough for 3 cups, no tiny stainless steel travesty here, I was able to sit back and relax knowing I had enough tea for my breakfast.

My companion had ordered the full breakfast with scrambled egg on toast for myself.  The food was obviously cooked to order and it was well worth the few extra minutes wait.  Anyone who enjoys scrambled eggs knows that it can be a hit or a miss when out and about, let me reassure you, these eggs were absolute perfection.  Soft and creamy with just the right amount of seasoning and the toast on the side so you can choose whether to put the eggs on the top. 

The full breakfast is a wonderful array of quality Scottish fare, bacon, egg, sausage, black pudding, potato scones and more with toast on the side.  Each item cooked as it should be and the taste reflects the quality of the food. 

Not content with just breakfast, after a while chatting, we decided to tempt ourselves with a visit to the cake cabinet.  With choices ranging from home baked scones to chocolate and orange cake, lemon drizzle and many others, we were easily tempted. 

At first look, the menu may seem a little costly however, the quality and quantity of the dishes makes them value for money.  If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy some fantastic food in beautiful surroundings, Broadslap should definitely be on your list.


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