Brighten Your Day Parcels


The Auchterarder Brighten Your Day project is now in its second week.  Delivering parcels of small gifts to local residents who are isolated, the project aims to help reduce the isolation felt by some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Nominations are sent to the Auchterarder Facebook page and from there a list of deliveries for each day is made.  Parcels are made with a number of small items to give a variety to each recipient. 

During these difficult times, many of our more vulnerable community members are struggling with social distancing and loneliness.  These parcels are designed to be delivered by hand so that everyone receiving them at least has a human visitor who is happy to chat from a distance.  We know that for some this will be the only contact they have apart from food deliveries.

A call has gone out on the Facebook page for books or small items which could be included in the parcels.  If anyone has books they could donate, please get in touch with the page to arrange a place for them to be dropped off or if required they can be picked up.

A fundraiser has been set up after the first group of deliveries was made and the local Coop was one of the first to make a donation.  Supplying both cash and toiletries they have boosted the immediate capability of the project and allowed more parcels to be distributed last weekend.   It’s great to see a local project being supported by the very business who helps look after some of our most vulnerable in the community.

Thanks to a number of individual donations, more supplies were purchased and these will be distributed over the next few days. 

If you know of someone on their own, a neighbour or relative in the area, please do message the Auchterarder Facebook page and they can be added to the list of recipients. 


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