B&Q Doesn’t Think It’s Cold Enough To Need Heating


It’s October and the nights are drawing in.  We have just had the remnants of Ophelia blowing a hoolie round about us and possibly have another storm just around the corner.

I am sure there are many of us who have recently had some form of heating on in the house.  Personally, I have been using my Calor Gas heater to take the chill off the house without putting on the central heating.

Thankfully there is more than one place to get Calor Gas as earlier in the year when I tried to replace the cylinder at B&Q they advised they didn’t stock indoor heating gas in the Summer.  Amazing isn’t it how a chain of stores can decide that there is no requirement for indoor heating fuel in Scotland in the Summer.

That their stores still do not have supplies available is ridiculous.  It is mid October, Scotland has been known to have snow in October.  However, contrary to the information on their website this evening, Perth branch of B&Q do not yet have in stocks of Calor Gas butane cylinders.  Is it just the Perth store that has this problem or is it Scotland wide?  You can buy Christmas decorations in the branch but you cannot buy indoor heating gas.  Surely there is something wrong in that way of thinking?

Thankfully there are other Calor Gas stockists close by and we did manage to replace the cylinder and the house is warming up nicely.


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