Boris Johnson Appears Little More Than A Paper Candidate


As theories abound as to what happened at the home of Boris Johnson last night it seems more and more obvious that he is a paper candidate.

Over the last few years Mr Johnson has made a series of decisions that have proved to be costly to London and costly to the UK as a whole.  £300,000 on water cannon that were banned from use and were eventually sold for scrap for the princely sum of £3675 each.  The proposed “Garden Bridge” saw £43m of taxpayers money being spent on a project that was ultimately scrapped before any major work started. 

The numerous embarrassing mistakes he made as Foreign Secretary and his dubious claims when campaigning for Brexit should have ensured him as persona non grata.  It seems however that these have had the opposite effect.

Can there be anyone who is left in any doubt as to the manipulation and machinations going on in UK politics when they look at Mr Johnson?

Initially seen as a jolly kind of chap with a penchant for tomfoolery, he has been groomed for this position for many years.

With the cult of celebrity holding so much sway over the electorate, as can be seen from the Presidential elections in the US, there needed to be someone who could stand out from the crowd.

Cue Boris Johnson, a man of obviously low morals having been sacked from the Times newspaper and being well known for extra marital affairs.

He looked different, he was already well known throughout the country.  What more could the party ask for, when the time came, he would be a man of the people.  Ready to tell them what they wanted to hear as their friend, someone they were comfortable with, someone they knew.

With the former director of communications for the Conservative Party as his girlfriend, Mr Johnson has been primped and preened for this leadership contest.  He is the face of the party and will be little more than a puppet for those who put him there.

There were many who ridiculed the US when Donald Trump was elected President.  How many more will ridicule the UK if Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister?


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