Blackford Welcomes Her Majesty The Queen


Crowds began to gather in Blackford this morning from just after 9am.  Her Majesty the Queen was to visit Highland Spring to open the new production line and people wanted to see her.

There was quite a festive atmosphere as people began congregating in groups with friends and family.  At first no one was quite sure of just how Her Majesty would arrive as both helicopter and car were being put forward as possibilities.

As the arrival time was still up in the air, children were handing out flags and people were discussing the best vantage point.  Flower displays were being washed and cleaned and the street had been cleaned 3 times during the week.  Bunting had been hung and weeds had been pulled.

Word went out that the arrival was now due at 11.30 am and people began to pick their spot.

First came a single police motorbike then the motorcade.  Her Majesty dressed in peach went slowly past the waiting crowds.

A great day for Blackford, a great day for Highland Spring.


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