Blackford response to Highland Spring Offer


At its latest meeting, Blackford Community Council heard that Highland Spring has written to PKC with an offer in relation to the cost of proposed work on a new road entrance to the village of Blackford.

Blackford Community Council Chair, Janet Law said;

Over the last year, Blackford Community Council and Highland Spring have been pushing for changes to the slip road to the north bound A9 at the east end of the village, to make it two way .This would ensure that most of the HGV traffic visiting the Highland Spring site would not have to pass along Moray Street, the main street through the village, which is almost entirely residential properties.

“When we first heard that discussions about the road were taking place between Perth and Kinross Council and Highland Spring, we asked Councillor Tom Gray to request that Perth and KInross Council hold a consultation with the community on any detailed plans for the road. Perth and Kinross Council have the responsibility for building this road and responding to the offer from Highland Spring.

“The Community Council also asked Councillor Gray to request that the existing pavement should become a shared use path, for walkers and cyclists, along the whole stretch from the Blackford level crossing to the A9, and that this should be included as part of the work to be undertaken on this road..

“Since then, Perth and Kinross Council have told us that some maintenance work is happening soon on the section of the path at the salt depot. This is much needed, and the Community Council is pleased that this is going ahead in the meantime until further plans for the road can be implemented.”


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