Blackford Quarry Application Mired In Controversy


When a planning application is made to the Council it is to be expected that all relevant information will be included in the application.  When there are proposals to extract sand and gravel you would suppose that the proposed site is free and clear of any encumbrances or obvious reasons for the application being refused.

You would not expect that an application for sand and gravel extraction would be made for an area which is a sand martin nesting site and that no mention of these birds would be made on the application.  That however is what has happened recently in Blackford.

An application has been made to extract sand and gravel at Milton of Panholes, owned by Blackford Farms.  This application has no mention of the Sand Martins nesting site, could that be because although it is against the law to destroy Sand Martins nesting sites, Blackford Farms very recently managed to destroy most of the nests in the proposed extraction area?  So much so that The Courier recently reported on their actions.

If you would like to comment on these proposals you have until tomorrow to contact Perth and Kinross Council.


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