Blackford Community Council responds to threats to rural services


Following concerns expressed at the last meeting of Blackford Community Council about cuts to School Crossing Patrols, Janet Law, Community Council Chair,  has sent out an email to local residents advising how to make their views known to Perth and Kinross Council. (see full text below)

The email explains that local Councillors have told the Community Council that the final decision on cuts to School Crossing Patrols is to be made as part of the budget process and decided at a Council meeting in public on 20th February. At the Community Council meeting it was proposed that Blackford residents could  use the online consultation process.
However Community Council Chair Janet Law ‎told the Lang Toon Times, ” I am very grateful for your article highlighting the wide range of proposed cuts to services which will hit rural communities in particular and go much wider than just the threat to our School, Crossing Patrol. The detail of these proposals has come to light far too late. The online consultation process does not give sufficient detail to allow people to understand the nature of the proposals. PKC meets on Wednesday to agree their budget, and it would not surprise me if many people from rural parts of Perth and Kinross wanted to express their concerns as Councillors gather for the meeting.‎”


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