Blackford asks cyclists and walkers for their views


People with an interest in cycling and walking in the Blackford area, are invited to fill in an online survey, to be found by searching online, or on Facebook, for Blackford Paths Network.

Welcoming the funding received for the feasibity study Janet Law, Blackford Community Council Chair, commented, “Everybody nowadays is keen to encourage low carbon travel, walking and cycling. Blackford Community Council is very pleased to have been awarded grants, from the Tayside & Central Scotland Transport Partnership (Tactran) and the Climate Challenge Development Fund, to find the best and safest route suitable for cycling and walking between Blackford and Auchterarder.

“Blackford is cut off by the A9 to the south and the railway to the north, posing problems for walkers and cyclists. The path along the side of the A9 is very close to passing HGVs and traffic going at 70mph. Gleneagles Station has been improved dramatically, but there is currently no adequate safe and direct cycle route to the Station.”

Katharine Huggett, Community Council Paths Officer, emphasised the importance of the community having a say. “The Community Council would like to encourage everyone who is interested in cycling or walking in the Blackford area, to fill in the online survey and give us their views on the need for a well signed, safe and properly surfaced cycle route, which we hope will also be of help to walkers. Other communities in Perthshire, such as Auchterarder, have started to develop new cycle routes and we would like to find ways to link our paths to those in other areas.”

The survey, and community consultation, will kick off the three month long feasibility study. Blackford Community Council are working with Crispin Hayes Associates from Fife, who have designed the survey, and who will also assess possible routes, conduct a technical survey and provide the detailed costings for work which needs to be undertaken.

Copies of the survey will be distributed to households in Blackford from 18th April, and it is online from 14th April at

Contact: Janet Law, Blackford Community Council Chair, Tel 07720 272204


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