Billy Extends Community Work To Recycling Furniture


In these times of food banks, zero hours contracts, damage to the environment and more.  It is a pleasure to write about something that is helping the local community.

Many of you will know or have heard of Billy Rogers.  A resident of Blackford who for the past few years has been the go to guy for anyone local looking for house moves, skip runs and more, Billy is also known for his community work. 

At Christmas he collects to give children’s toys to the Salvation Army to distribute and to provide fruit baskets for the homeless in Perth.

Now having been given the opportunity to take things a step further, Billy has opened a unit where donated furniture and household goods can be given to those in need for free and sold to others at a small cost to cover the running costs of the operation.

It seemed to have started when some people who were getting furniture delivered, asked Billy if he knew anyone who would want the good quality older furniture rather than have it skipped.  It didn’t take long to see that there was a desperate need for good quality items for people who were moving home and struggling to furnish their new place.  So many people trying to get their first home of their own, struggling to do much more than pay the deposit and rent/mortgage.

The first organisation Billy will be working with is Women’s Aid Perth, the team will help those being rehoused with items that they need.  Anything not required each week will be available for others.  Some items will be free, others have been donated stating that the owner is happy for a small charge to be made to cover costs. 

Not only will they have furniture available but they can also deliver for a reduced cost for those who are unable to arrange to pick up items.

So if you have household furniture in good condition that is looking for a new home, why not consider donating it to this very worthwhile endeavour?


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