Bikers Raise Money For Air Ambulance Charity


This morning a group of hardy bikers left Perth to head for Fort William raising money for the Scottish Charity Air Ambulance.

Nothing unusual in that you may think however, these bikes have been bought for less than £300 and are no larger than 125cc. The fastest they will go is probably about 50mph in short bursts.

The event is the brainchild of Barry Walker from Perth who posted on Facebook and an event was born. With the Cheap Chinese bikes supported by other bikes and a couple of vans, it looks like being a fun day for everyone.

Leaving at 11am this morning from Broxden Park and Ride in Perth, we managed to catch them just outside Crieff this morning. Still smiling and waving, here’s hoping they are still smiling and waving when they get to Fort William this evening.

If you would like to help support these hardy bikers and their very worthy cause you can donate online here.


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