The Bag For Life Conundrum


We all know that plastic bags are not good for the environment and there have been many methods used in recent years to try and cut down on their use.  Shops are no longer allowed to give free carrier bags and most now offer a single use bag for 5p and a bag for life for slightly more.

Consumers being environmentally conscious frequently purchase a “bag for life” thinking that they can reuse it many times and save both money and the environment.  This is a noble sentiment but does it actually work?

Recently I have started working from home, this happened a couple of months sooner than expected so I hadn’t really prepared my home for this.  Today I had some time to make some changes and reorganise the kitchen/dining area.

In a previous fit of organisation, I had put my bags for life in a hessian bag intending to put said bag in the car ready for shopping trips.  This bag was still in my kitchen underneath a pile of bags which had been tossed in the general direction.  I set to tidying this up and found the bag filled very quickly.  Another hessian bag was found which was then filled two thirds with more carrier bags.  These are all the bags for life that I have purchased and never re used.

Single use bags were not nearly as abundant and I think I found less than 10 of these which was I think pretty good.

The bag for life has certainly stopped me buying single use carriers however I now have an abundance of these bags for life.  If I was to use them all until they were past useful I may have to turn into a cat with many lives.

Maybe we need to start something where you clear out your abundance of these bags and give them to shops to reuse.  Anyone else have any ideas on how we can stop stockpiling these bags?


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