Auchterarder’s Local Emergency Service


In the midst of all the weather chaos, we sometimes forget that other things can go wrong.

This was brought sharply into focus this afternoon when I heard sirens and watched a fire engine pull up at the back of my house, with another not far behind.

They dealt with the situation they had been called to and headed out again in less than half an hour.  Thankfully this time it was more smoke than fire so it was easily handled. Of course, that got me thinking.

Here we are in the middle of some of the worst weather the country has seen in years and yet we still manage to have emergency services.   That may seem a strange statement but for those of you reading this outwith the town let me explain.

Our fire service is what you call retained.  That means that the fire fighters only come out as and when required and for training.  Training locally every week with more extensive training on a regular basis with their full time counterparts.  The rest of the time they are mechanics, joiners, sign writers and all manner of other trades. When their alarm goes off they drive from all over the local area to the fire station and become our local fire service.

I am sure you can see from the photographs that we have a bit of snow here.  Not too much but enough to mean that every one of these firefighters would have had to make sure their car was cleared, they could reach the road and get to the fire station.  The fire station access would have to be cleared to make sure they could get the engines out easily etc etc.  Yet here they are, a full complement of two engines.

So many deserve our thanks for their work in these difficult conditions. I would like to draw your attention to our very own retained fire fighters.  The ones who are making an effort every day, just in case we need them.


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