Auchterarder Survey Results


The survey on this web page last month has now been closed with a total of 130 responses.  The results are as follows –

Are you or have you been a resident in the Auchterarder area?

Yes – 98.4%

No – 1.6%


Do you use Auchterarder shops for your main food shopping?

Yes – 14.2%

No – 85.8%


If No, how do you do your main food shopping?

Online Shopping – 17.3%

Visit Large Supermarket – 64.5%

Visit Large Supermarket on way to/from somewhere else – 16.4%

Other – 1.8%


Do you use Auchterarder shops for top up food shopping?

Yes – 96%

No – 4%


Do you visit Auchterarder cafes during the day?

Yes – 59.8%

No – 40.2%

Do you use Auchterarder area restaurants/pubs in the evening?

Yes – 56.9%

No – 36.9%

I go elsewhere in the evenings – 6.2%


What additional businesses would you like to see on Auchterarder High Street?

Electronics – 12.8%

Household Goods – 26.6%

Betting Shop – 4.3%

Discounter eg B&M/Home Bargains – 38.3%

Other – 40.4%

The other options people were looking for included a fishmonger, supermarket and homely style pub/restaurant and or wine bar.


If you do not visit Auchterarder High Street on a regular basis, which of the below would encourage you to visit more often?

Different Shops – 15.4%

More Parking – 36.5%

Events in Town Hall – 2.9%

Events throughout the town – 11.5%

Leisure Facilities – 26.9%

Other – 6.7%


What Leisure pursuits do you participate in locally?

Walking – 41.7%

Running – 12.2%

Cycling – 13.9%

Organised Sport – 7.8%

Social Group ie WI/Rotary/Historical Society – 8.7%

I go outwith the local area for leisure pursuits – 15.7%


It seems from the results of this survey, which is of course a very small sample of the population, that there is opportunity in Auchterarder for a supermarket and somewhere to go in the evening.  With the population increasing steadily it would be a shame for the town to lose out because people are going elsewhere for both their shopping and leisure time.


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