Auchterarder Provost Walk Vandalised Within Weeks of Completion


The Provost Walk has barely been open a couple of weeks after upgrading and already vandals have been at work. Walking along intending taking photographs to show how great it looks on a sunny day I was shocked to see that one of the lights has been damaged next to one of the access points from Glenburn Road.

It looks like someone has taken a nearby large stone and pounded the light, damaging both the glass surface and the edge of the fixing.  What they hoped to achieve with these actions is anybody’s guess.  Whether they thought it would make them look tough or whether they were just bored, they are definitely thoughtless and selfish.

The Provost Walk upgrade has been years in the making with many people volunteering their time to apply for local funding and move the project forward.  The West Perthshire Recreation Fund, (Formerly the Auchterarder Swimming Pool Fund) Auchterarder Common Good Fund and Auchterarder Community Trust all awarded funds for the upgrade of the Provost Walk, along with others.

These are local funds used for local people, to see these projects damaged almost as soon as they are completed is disheartening for all concerned.  To think, after all the work that has gone into funding and upgrading the Provost Walk, some people’s first thought was to try and destroy it.

If you have any information regarding this or any other vandalism please contact Police Scotland by telephoning 101.


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