Auchterarder Primary Pupils Threatened by Knife Wielding Youths


Last night in Auchterarder, local parents were horrified to receive a call from their children asking for help because there were youths threatening them with a knife.

A small group of primary children were chased by a group of youths to the point that they ran into a local shop for safety.  Whilst taking shelter in the shop, the youths revealed a knife they had hidden on their person and threatened the terrified schoolboys.

One of the schoolboys had called a family member to come and remove them from the situation, fearing for their safety.  When he arrived on the scene and confronted the youths, they denied possession of a deadly weapon. 

Thankfully there was a police car in the vicinity and the family member asked for help.  On searching the boys, the police found the knife in their possession. 

What beggars belief is that these youths were taken home to their parents and it would seem that no further action was taken. 

When the family member who had been called to rescue his terrified child checked with police this morning, he was told that nothing further was to be done.  Seemingly the youths were from a good family and had assured police that this would not happen again.

Would they be saying this if one of the children had been stabbed?

The mother of one of the threatened children told Lang Toon Times of her horror at hearing about the incident.  “The biggest shock was receiving the phone call from one of the other parents to say that my son had been threatened by someone with a knife.  This is not something that you expect to hear about primary school pupils in Auchterarder.  To then find out that police are ignoring it because those threatening the children were from “good families” makes us feel that our children are being treated as second class citizens.  These youths were walking about with a weapon that could have caused life changing injuries, they threatened young children with the weapon.  Why is this being ignored?”

Thankfully there were no injuries at this time but this is a worrying incident for parents throughout the area.

Media reports show knife crime is increasing throughout the country and teenagers are dying on an almost weekly basis because of this.  To have this threat in our community is terrifying and something that should be dealt with to prevent further incidents as much as possible.  To have it treated as if nothing happened is an insult to those poor children and their obviously distraught parents.

Whether the knife was big or small, whether the perpetrator comes from a good home or not such a good home, whether they intended using the knife or not, none of this matters. What matters is that these youths deliberately took a knife on the streets and threatened children with it. This premeditated act should not be ignored.


  1. I can’t from a ‘good family’, we lived in a mansion and suffered horrendous abuse and violence, it’s these people (like myself) that are more likely to turn and do horrendous things!
    If an adult had threatened a child with a knife they would be locked up! I have 2 children in the primary and I would have a lot more to be said if the police gave me that reaction!

  2. Perhaps it would have been prudent to gather the facts of the events before publishing such a biased, opinionated, inaccurate article causing trouble for some children whom had done nothing wrong.

    Firstly, the P7 boys were not threatened by youths with knife. The P7 boys had been following, shouting discriminatory remarks and challenging another child to fight. The boys then went into the shop, not to take shelter as you said (because they were not being chased!) where shortly after the boy they had been verbally attacking went with his friends. When discussing why the younger boys would do/say that, one child said if they were going to fight they should use this and showed his small swiss army knife (he had previously used it to open a package and hadn’t taken it out his pocket after by all accounts). When all the children saw it, they laughed at how small it was. This was in no way a premeditated act as you state. There was no intention of taking a knife on the streets. One of the children then swiped at the boy with the swiss knife to put it away which he did. No threatening took place. In fact, the children apologised to each other then left the shop. This was all seen on the shop CCTV. It was then the father of the son who had started it all appeared who then proceeded to threaten to physically assault a child. This was nothing more than childish bickering which has been blown completely out of proportion thanks to your scandal-creating article and parents who have not been given true story from their children and has resulted in unnecessarily upset children, wasted police time and children’s reputations being damaged.

    The police did not ignore the incident, they spoke to all children concerned. Whilst it may seem to those who don’t know the full story it was treated as if nothing happened, that is because very little did actually happen! The police themselves said that your article has blown it all out of proportion and caused a lot of trouble, you also owe them an apology not just the children.

    Next time you wish to publish such an article that scare-mongers within the local community, may I remind you that there are 2 sides to every story and to get your facts straight.


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