Auchterarder Medical Staff Unavailable for 2 Days in September


We all know how difficult it can be to get an appointment with a doctor.  There have been many stories in the media about patients having problems getting to see a doctor when a sudden illness occurs.

One of the benefits of living in a rural area such as the Auchterarder area is the ability to see a doctor relatively easily.  That the doctor will often have treated you before and have a knowledge of your medical history is another benefit.

Unfortunately, there are a number of people who have missed appointments recently without notifying the surgery beforehand.  In September alone there were 83 missed appointments at St Margaret’s Health Centre.  A total of 16 and a half hours of wasted medical time equating to two full shifts.

If the Health Centre were to suggest removing a doctor for 2 full days there would quite rightly be an outcry.  With appointment availability being stretched already, wasted time is something the medical staff can ill afford.

If you have an appointment and are unable to attend it is important that you let the surgery know as soon as possible.  This will allow them to contact people who are waiting to see the doctor and offer an appointment.

Just think, in September alone that would have been 83 people seen by a doctor or nurse when they urgently needed that appointment.  Sometimes even the difference of a couple of hours can make a big difference medically.

A two minute phone call to let the surgery know you are unable to make an appointment can make all the difference.  Make the call and make a difference.


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