Auchterarder May Lose Recycling Centre, School Crossing Patrols and Public Toilets


Perth and Kinross Council will meet on Thursday to decide on the budget proposals for 2018/2019.  These proposals if agreed upon would have a significant effect on residents in the Auchterarder area.

The removal of all school crossing patrols has been proposed.  A report to Councillors states “It is the parents’ responsibility to get their children to and from school and Council staff will continue to work with parents in respect of safe school travel planning.”

Also, in the Education side a reduction in teachers and support staff has been proposed, with head teachers and deputy head teachers time targeted to take up the slack.

The Auchterarder Recycling Centre is earmarked for closure to be replaced by a recycling point. This would mean that the closest recycling centre for bulky waste would be at Inveralmond in Perth as the Crieff recycling centre is also earmarked for closure.

The attended public toilets in the centre of town along with all other attended public toilets in the Council area have been proposed for closure.

Path treatment is to be removed outwith normal working hours.  This will impact on children walking to school, local residents walking to work and local businesses.  As reported previously in Lang Toon Times, the Council proposes to use local volunteers to fill in the gaps.  The report suggesting “To offset this reduction in Service, consideration can be given to recruiting self help in the community to treat footways, with plant supplied by the Council.”

Grounds maintenance is to be removed at peak Summer period for tasks such as watering plants, cutting vegetation on rights of way and Summer bedding planting.

These are only some of the cuts proposed in the forthcoming budget however they will make a big difference to our communities if they are approved.


  1. So double whammy then, pay to get rid of green waste or dump it for them to clean up at staggering cost, we are being backed into a corner with no sensible solutions.

  2. Does PKC and our local councillor not realise that we get lots of tourists in village and the public toilets are a godsend . The public toilet is well looked after and although you pay for use it is worth it. It will not only be loss to the tourists but a loss to the local population .

  3. Building all these new houses at Auchterarder and shutting the Recycling Centre!!!! No School Crossing Patrollers but more vehicles on the roads, Absolute disgrace Perth & Kinross Council. Where’s all out Community Tax money going cos its not in Auchterarder!!!!

  4. Agree , why do we pay monthly taxes to PKC we get very little in return.
    It’s a disgrace as we have very little facilities in the town as it is. The town is growing with all new houses so PKC will be receiving very good revenue from this area. Giving very little back to the community.

  5. What will be the next move by PKC? To sell off the land at the recycling centre to property developers and build more houses…..? There is always an underlying ulteria motive with these councillors who are supposed to be representing our interests.


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