Auchterarder Loses Affordable Homes


The application with PKC at present for the building of 116 houses at the Hunter Street development has no affordable housing.

Thanks to some subtle manipulation of planning constraints, local developers at both Hunter Street and Townhead developments have been able to remove the requirement for affordable housing in Auchterarder.

The original development plans had a caveat that the affordable housing from the Hunter Street development could be built at the Townhead development.

A few months ago, the Townhead development put forward a planning request that their affordable housing requirement be removed as they had built surplus affordable housing in Blackford.  This housing in Blackford was then used as affordable housing credits which meant there was no requirement for affordable housing to be built in the Auchterarder development.

Fast forward to the planning application in at the moment for the Hunter street development which would normally require 29 affordable homes to be built.  Thanks to the previous agreements no affordable homes will be built in this stage of the development.

Surely there should be questions asked by PKC as to the number of new homes being built without any affordable housing provision?

Tuesday 2nd October is the last day to be able to object to this plan which not only ensures there is not affordable housing provision but also does not require the link road to the roundabout at the bottom of the town to be opened.

To comment on this planning application and ask for Perth and Kinross Council to consider the requirements of the local community before that of the developers, follow this link. and search for the reference number 18/01591/AMM.


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