Auchterarder Golf Club Receives Grants From Common Good Fund


Auchterarder Golf Club was recently awarded £12,000 in grants from local community fund.

The most recent meeting of the Auchterarder Common Good Fund Committee was held in Perth in the PKC Council Chamber on Wednesday 27th February 2019.

There were two applications for financial assistance, both from the Auchterarder Golf Club.

The first application was for the sum of £2,000 to be put towards the costs of emergency greens repairs.  The total cost of these repairs would be £5,000.  The club would be putting the other £3,000 to the costs.

This application was approved by those attending.

The second application was for the sum of £25,000 towards the cost of updating the Golf Course Irrigation System.  The total cost of the works would be £297,639 of which the club would be contributing £222,639.  The club are also applying to the Community Facilities Fund for the amount of £50,000.

The committee discussed the impact a grant of this amount would have on fund, namely that to grant the full amount would entail spending capital rather than interest.  There was also a discussion regarding the fact that the available funds are due in no small part to the rental income from the Auchterarder Golf Club. 

An agreement was made to grant the sum of £10,000 to the Auchterarder Golf Club in this instance. 


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