Auchterarder Common Good Fund Decisions


The Auchterarder Common Good Fund Committee met on 3rd October to consider 2 applications for financial assistance.

The remaining budget for financial assistance is £7735 which remains from the initial budget of £10,000 at the beginning of the year.

The first application considered was from the Auchterarder Community Sports Association.  This group had applied for £20,000 of funds for phase 3 of the Provost Walk upgrade project.

The Auchterarder Community Sports Association have previously received grants of £50,000 in the financial year 2016-2017 and a further £50,000 in the financial year 2017-2018.

A discussion involving Councillors Gray, Lyle and Barrett brought to light a possible forthcoming request from Auchterarder Golf Club for funds to upgrade the water system for the course.  As a tenant of the Common Good Fund it was felt that there is a duty to support the Golf Club.

It was agreed to reject the request for funding due to the previous funds received by the fund, the balance of funds available and the possibility of the Golf Club requesting funds.

The second application was from Auchterarder and Blackford Brownies who are hoping to take some of their members to Paris.  The group had requested a grant of £1000 to help them reach their goal for funding.

This request was approved and Auchterarder and Blackford Brownies will receive the full £1000 requested.


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