Auchterarder Business Park Set For Approval


Perth and Kinross Council Planning and Development Management Committee will be meeting this coming week.  On Wednesday 11th April they will make decisions regarding a number of planning applications, including the application for planning permission in principle for the formation of a business park at Windsole in Auchterarder.  A report has been produce regarding this application with a recommendation for the Committee.

With the continued expansion of Auchterarder a business park seems a natural progression.  Offering employment opportunities for hundreds of people through construction and once it is operational.

The recommendation is for the application to be approved, subject to certain conditions.  There are almost six pages of conditions, lots of them to do with noise and environment.

As this is only an application for planning permission in principle, no development can start until a detailed delivery plan has been submitted and approved by the local authority. Works may only be carried out between 0700 and 1900 Monday to Friday, 0800 to 1300 on a Saturday and no noise generating work on a Sunday.

Office floor space on the site is restricted to less than 3000 sqm and No part of the development shall be occupied until a comprehensive Green Travel Plan (GTP) has been approved.  It seems new developments are to be designed to reduce the need for people using their cars.  They are instead to be encouraged to use public transport or walk.  Also required is permission from PKC to build a new road.

There have been a number of objections to this proposal from local residents, most of which seem to have been addressed in the report which can be viewed here.

What must be worrying to local residents is the ease with which developers seem to be able to have conditions changed once permission has been granted and development begins.  One only has to look at the continued closure of the link road from the new roundabout to see this in action.


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