Auchterarder Business Network


Auchterarder Business Network has been set up to help local business professionals get to know each other and offer an informal get together on a regular basis.

The network has been set up specifically to bring together trades, crafters, professionals, home workers and everyone else in the local area who would benefit from getting to know the skills available in their own neighbourhood.

A Facebook page has been set up which will publicise members and events.  The first event will be a networking breakfast at Corbie and Cheip on Wednesday 19th April.  Starting at 7.30am and finishing at 9.30am with an entry cost of £5 the event is designed for you to be able to drop in have some coffee and food and stay as long as you wish before starting work.  This first event will also be used to gather information about what local business people would like to see within their area.

The next event in May will be held at Cafe Bianco.  Using different premises for events will allow everyone to experience different venues and allow more local businesses to benefit from the event.

Whether you are a carpenter, childminder, taxi driver or accountant, whether you go out to work or work from home this is for you.  A fantastic opportunity to meet other professionals within the area.  We look forward to seeing you there.



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