Auchterarder BID Proposal Ends


Today businesses in Auchterarder received word that the Auchterarder Community Partnership (ACP) will immediately cease any further BID (Business Improvement District) development work. They have also been advised there will be no further engagement with the Auchterarder business community on the subject of a BID.

This announcement has come as a relief to many of the over 100 businesses who would have been liable to pay a levy for the next 5 years had the proposal succeeded.

Local businesswoman Maggie Robin of Bear Necessities said “I think that Auchterarder is a fabulous small town filled with an enormous amount of goodwill and friendship between both businesses and residents. The very special High Street is filled with a mix of small independent businesses that work well together.

I feel that the BID was introduced with the best of intentions but failed to communicate adequately with the aforesaid businesses in the town.  However, this experience has really pulled us together and we are keen to take this perspective forward in the future and keep Auchterarder special.”

In Scotland a BID proposal cannot go to ballot if it cannot show that the proposals are supported by at least 5% of those who would be entitled to vote at the ballot.  It seems in Auchterarder this is the point at which the proposal faltered.

At the last open meeting about the BID on 4th October, the Next Steps surveys were in the process of being returned.  Since then nothing has been heard until today when letters went out to survey respondents.  These letters explained that the BID proposal would not be going any further.  Within a very short space of time the web page, Facebook and Twitter accounts were shut down.  Auchterarder BID it seems is no more.


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