Auchterarder £10 Challenge


On a beautiful sunny afternoon, I headed for Auchterarder to see what I could buy with £10. 

The rules were simple, it was not to be spent on sitting in a café, it was to be spent in a variety of shops in the town.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by my haul.

First was Lloyds Pharmacy where I managed to snaffle 200ml of Nivea on special offer for only £1.45.  Considering the 50ml was £1.35, I was pretty pleased with myself. 

I headed down the High street to my next port of call which was Jan de Vries.  I was pretty sure I would get something there as they have a wide variety of options.  I was very pleased to see their environmentally friendly section where I purchased a solid shampoo bar for less than £3.  Something I didn’t think I would be able to get in Auchterarder.

Next was Paperclipz, a haven for those of us who love stationery.  There were some beautiful notepads but in an effort to spread my cash, I opted for the 75p basket where I at last got a pencil sharpener for that pack of pencils I bought that don’t have points.

As I walked down, I noticed that Maries Little Cake Shop had reopened.  Only it’s not a cake shop any more. Marie has turned it into a treasure trove of collectables.  There was jewellery, Russian dolls, tea sets, canape spoons and so much more.  It is a great place to browse and pick up something unusual either as a gift or as an interior design investment.  With prices ranging from £1 upwards, there is something for everyone.  Oh, and there just happened to be some of Marie’s famous tablet, fudge and millionaire’s shortbread as well.  I purchased a china canape spoon for only £1.50.  Of course, I bought some tablet as well but that was from a different fund. 

Next was Sugar and Spice where I got a World Champion scotch pie which would be for later that day. 

I then popped into the Shoe Shop of Auchterarder.  A place where you can get shoes, polish, tights and of course shoe horns.  I purchased a shoe horn which has been invaluable in helping me put on my motorbike boots.

Last but not least I headed for Alexa Dunlop where I got some veggies to go with the pie and a beautiful daffodil plant. 

I had great fun visiting the local shops and catching up with the staff I hadn’t seen in a while.  A great way to spend a sunny afternoon.  Why don’t you try your own £10 challenge and see what you can come up with?


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