Appointment of Toby Young Undermines UK Government


The furore over the appointment of Toby Young as a member of the board of the Office of Students is not something that should be allowed to be swept under the political rug. His continued appointment will beg questions of the Government as to their priorities.

The body he has been appointed to is designed to support students, promoting opportunity and making sure providers are doing all they can to support students throughout their course.

How could any female student feel supported by a body which has such a misogynistic and sexist board member?  How could any Government feel that someone who thinks it is acceptable to talk about women this way is suitable for public office?

We want to be reassured about our children attending further education. We want to feel that the rules in place support and protect our young people.  That the Board who oversee these providers are suitable for this responsibility.

It is against the law to discriminate against anyone because of their sex as per the Equality Act 2010.  How can the UK Government think that having Toby Young as a member of the Board overseeing the support of students is not discriminatory against female students?

The tweets by Toby Young that have already been publicised are an indication of the way his mind works.  That he has deleted thousands of earlier tweets only now when there has been a public outcry shows his lack of concern.

Let’s be honest here, these tweets are not just a bit risqué, these tweets are full on horrifying.  Especially when you think that Toby Young has been appointed to the board of the Office of Students.  Is this what is going to be acceptable behaviour on the campuses of UK Universities?

It’s time the UK Government started to draw a line and stop accepting such behaviour.  Until the Government shows such offensive behaviour is unacceptable this discrimination of women will continue and escalate.


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