Amazon’s Alexa Is Just The Beginning


Alexa was almost my new best friend at the end of last year.  Fortunately, I did a bit of research and decided to wait a while to see if it was actually going to make life easier.  Having read recent news stories, I am very glad that I chose to wait.

Alexa is obviously a great bit of technology, making your home easier to run, very helpful for busy families, which is the demographic the majority of advertising has been targeting.  It is easy to use and can be voice activated, by any voice, including the television, children or visitors.  Who knows what could be ordered from Amazon by an innocent remark.

Another reason I decided not to obtain this kind of technology is that at present I have very little technology in my home, more precisely “compatible connected devices”.  It’s all very well saying that technology can operate lighting, heating and information services but that only works if you have compatible devices.

Many of these compatible devices require wifi to operate in conjunction with smart home controllers.  For city dwellers this is nothing to worry about, unfortunately for those of us living in rural areas this could be more problematic.  Rural wifi is notoriously slower and less reliable than that available in towns and cities.  This unreliability could make smart technology in the home less appealing at best and dangerous at worst, if for example heating was turned on but unable to be turned off.

As technology advances apace we can only hope that the opportunities to take advantage of this technology are offered to more people throughout the country.  Until then, for those of us who are able to utilise these smart home controllers, my advice is, be very careful what is said in the vicinity, you never know what you may get delivered.


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