All Your Election Information In One Place


Following the announcement of a General Election soon after the local Council Elections, in the interests of impartial reporting Lang Toon Times has set up a page specifically for electoral information.

This page will publish any and all information sent to Lang Toon Times from candidates and parties prior to both elections.

An email was sent today to the press office of the Labour, Lib Dem, Conservative, SNP and Green parties in Scotland.  This email advised them of the existence of this page and asked that they forwarded any information they would like to have available to the local electorate so we may publish it online.

Any information received will be published as soon as possible to allow Lang Toon Times readers to make informed decisions regarding the upcoming elections.

It is to be hoped that if there are any questions raised from this information, the relevant parties will be able to take the time to answer.

The site is live right now however as the invitations to participate were only issued at lunchtime we are still waiting for some of the replies.

It is to be hoped that this site is useful to you as it attempts to bring all the election information together for the area, allowing you to compare and contrast.

Visit the new Lang Toon Times Elections Page



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