Aberuthven Village Shop Saves The Lunch Break


It has been a busy morning here at Lang Toon Times as a visit to the shops was required to stock up on fresh food.

I have decided that it would be better for myself and my daughter if I cook in bulk and freeze portions for when they are needed.  With both of us looking to eat at different times it is better to have a variety of home cooked food available in the freezer than to use takeaways or convenience meals all the time.

That was my intention this morning anyway.  By the time I was coming back to the house, that was beginning to look a bit ambitious as I desperately tried to remember what I had in the freezer that wouldn’t take long to heat up.

Stopping at the Aberuthven Village Shop to pick up some milk I notice they had some new products in the chiller.  There were sandwiches and ready meals available which caught my eye, although I was a bit wary not knowing the brand.

I had a choice, lift a ready meal and put it in the microwave for a few minutes whilst I boiled the kettle or, go home and rummage in the freezer for something that was suitable. The ready meal won.  I wasn’t happy with myself but as I picked up the Shepherd’s Pie I was pleasantly surprised by the weight of it.

On arriving home, I put the Shepherd’s Pie in the microwave for the stated 6 mins and made a cup of tea to go with it.  Note to self – when going to eat a meal out of the microwave, allowing it a minute to cool is sensible.

This was to my surprise a really nice Shepherd’s Pie, it tasted of lamb which was a good start, it was a decent portion which was even better.  I have to admit, I sat at my desk to eat it as I wanted to catch up with online happenings.  It wasn’t long before I had my daughter at my shoulder asking what I was eating, was there one for her and hinting that she was hungry.

I ended up only eating half and giving her the other half, which is high praise indeed for a microwave ready meal.  So much so that I thought I would let others know.

If you are in Aberuthven and thinking of something for lunch or dinner, drop into the shop.  I would recommend the Shepherd’s Pie.

Now I am off to empty the car and start cooking.


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