A9 Services Beaten By A9 Communities


When looking to travel through Scotland, many people will drive along the A9 and look for roadside services.  They would be much better looking for A9 Communities.  The main arterial road North, the A9 covers almost 300 miles and bypasses many local communities which are well worth a visit.

When someone is planning a journey in this technological age they often check out the internet to plan rest stops and food breaks.  For many years, service stations were the only option available with overpriced food and an altogether conveyor belt feel.  Nowadays with the way local communities are so close to the bypass from the main routes, it can take less time to visit a local café/restaurant than to visit a service station.

Tebay services have a reputation all their own for eschewing the mass produced reheat able meals and using their own locally sourced produce.  The communities on the A9 also have restaurants and cafés utilising locally sourced products, they are also recommended by the local residents.

It’s time for these A9 communities to be recognised as places of rest, somewhere to stop and regroup from the tiring drive ahead.  Somewhere to enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation with locals who are pleased to see you and look to help you enjoy your time in Scotland.  From Dunblane to Thurso there are local communities every few miles, each with cafes and restaurants frequented by locals.  They wouldn’t still be there if they weren’t any good, the Scots know what they like.

Scotland is unique and welcoming, why not visit the real Scotland as you are on your journey, it’s way better than the clinical conveyor belt of a roadside service station.  Visit the A9 communities and enjoy the real Scotland.  Turn off the A9, you won’t regret it.


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