A Word On Reactions To The Westminster Attack


Today marks a milestone in modern day life in the United Kingdom.  For those of us who are of a certain age there has not been an attack on British soil in our adult lives.  We have never experienced a situation where our safety may be compromised as we go about our daily business.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those involved and our thanks to those who rushed to their assistance.

As the police and others try to piece together exactly what happened today the rest of the country must go on with their day to day lives.  Working, putting food on the table and looking after loved ones.

There are now reports of an incident in Kennington London with a large police presence.

Theresa May advised a few minutes ago that London and Parliament would continue to operate as normal after the attack on Westminster.  Whether that is possible in light of this further incident in Kennington remains to be seen.

In this time of fear and uncertainty it is up to each and every one of us to try and remain calm and not fall prey to falsehood and hysteria which will be the intent of some groups looking to further their cause.

This is a time for considered decisions, not knee jerk reactions.  Until real information is available about the intent and perpetrators of the attack, wild speculation will help no one.


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