A Visit To PRI Accident and Emergency


So often we hear of the pressures the NHS are under and the suffering this has caused people.  Today I would like to tell a short story and to thank the people involved.

Last night I went to bed at approximately 10.30pm having travelled from London to Gleneagles on the train and picking up a take away for tea on the way home.

At approximately 1.10pm I was wakened by stomach pain.  It was a very special kind of stomach pain, one I had never encountered before.  The pain came in waves, these waves leaving me writhing in pain and groaning, as time went on the pain became more acute.  Eventually I called NHS 24 and spoke to a lovely lady who took some details and was going to put me through to a nurse.

By this time my daughter had come through to my room as my sound effects had wakened her.  I had managed to converse with NHS 24 relatively smoothly then another spasm got me and seemingly the nurse heard the sound effects and advised an air ambulance was being despatched.

The ambulance arrived pretty quickly, and the guys were great, checking my blood pressure and such and checking out where things were sore.  I had another spasm whilst they were with me and they decided to take me into PRI.  I headed to the ambulance in my fleecy jammies and polka dot slippers, my daughter following, and we headed to Perth.

I arrived in A&E at a lull, they had just got rid of the party goers and now were seeing people who had come in as a result of illness rather than drunkenness.

The nursing staff checked my obs and then the doctor came along and was about to examine me when they were called out for an emergency.  This turned into someone being transferred to Ninewells with blue lights.  Once this had been arranged, the doctor returned and I was swiftly diagnosed and treated with an injection.

It seems my pain is not life threatening and can be treated easily with an injection or over the counter tablets in future.  I felt such a fraud but I was in so much pain that it had been frightening.  I cannot thank everyone involved in getting me back home safely and in no pain at stupid o’clock this morning.

My sympathies and support go to the staff who are fighting a battle against nuisance admissions with people turning up at A&E with supposed conditions who actively prevent the nurses and doctors from examining them.  To all the staff on shift last night at PRI Accident and Emergency, ambulance drivers and NHS 24 I would like to say thank you.  You put up with so much I am grateful that you were so kind when I didn’t know what was happening.  I am sure Saturday nights are not the easiest.

Thank you also to my long suffering mother who has been denied her Mother’s Day as I gingerly get through my day.  To my darling daughter who was wakened and suddenly took over and to her boyfriend who stayed awake to take us home after 4am.

Thank you to everyone for helping make today way better than I thought it was going to be when I was first wakened with the pain.


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