A path between Muthill and Auchterarder – Good idea? Bad idea?


There is an opportunity to create a high quality path, mainly off-road, between Muthill and Auchterarder along the disused railway line.

As well as cyclists and pedestrians, the path will be accessible to users of mobility scooters and wheelchairs. The path will link into the network of existing and new paths, and is likely to be attractive to local people and tourists. Based on experience of similar paths, the organisers expect the project to create social, environmental and economic benefits for the communities along the route.

The project is being led by Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust, who have engaged Osbert Lancaster to seek the views of local people and organisations. Osbert will be organising a number of opportunities for local residents to find out more about the plans and to share their thoughts about the project.  The organisers are keen to hear all views, positive and negative.

 If you would like to find out how you could be involved, please email Osbert <osbert@osbert.org>. 


  1. The piers of the old railway bridge south of Highlandman Station are still extant and would obviously be ideal, albeit the path-user then having to travel a couple of miles into Crieff.


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